I’ve found these resources to be useful. Your feedback is welcome.


General American Bee Journal – a monthly magazine
Bee Culture – a monthly magazine
Catch the Buzz – the blog for beekeepers from Bee Culture
Bee Reads – From Bees’ Needs
Forage Pollination: Plants for Year-round Bee Forage – University of Georgia
Spikenard Farm – see below – is offering custom seed packets
“Plants Bees Love”– From Bees’ Needs
Beekeepers kirkwebster.com
spikenardfarm.org (Gunther Hauk)
Dyce Lab for Honey Bee Studies – cornell.edu
longislandbeekeepers.org – Check website for bee removal


Better Bee, NY – betterbee.com
Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, NC – brushymountainbeefarm.com
Dadant, IL – dadant.com
Kelley Beekeeing Co, KY – kelleybees.com
Mann Lake Ltd, MN – mannlakeltd.com


General American Apitherapy Society, Inc. – Apitherapy is the medicinal use of honey bee products. The Society’s monthly newsletter offers a wealth of information – apitherapy.org
Honey honey.com – The National Honey Board website
livinghoney.biz – More info about “the honey revolution”
“Tests show most honey isn’t honey”Food Safety News
Pollen “Bee Pollen – Nature’s Complete Superfood” – nyrnaturalnews.com
“The uses of bee pollen as a superfood – mercola.com
Propolis “Propolis: A Gift from Nature” – motherearthnews.com
“7 Health Benefits of Bee Propolis – greenmedinfo.com
Wax “Early Farmers Exploited Beeswax Products at Least 8,500 years ago” – ScienceDaily.com
“What is beeswax?” – motherearthnews.com