April 3, 2016 at 10 a.m. in the Gallery at Marders

Experience required – one year minimum

The challenges of maintaining thriving hives continue to mount. We see this in the apiary and hear much the same from other beekeepers.

This three-hour class is intended for beekeepers that have kept bees for at least a year. The goal of the single session is to address specific issues and questions facing beekeeping in our area and to provide an overview of key approaches found to be successful in our apiary. There will be two 90 minute periods, an indoor discussion followed by time with the bees, weather permitting.

This educational opportunity is made possible by friends Charlie and Kathleen Marder who have helped me long before I knew who or even where they were. Marders indirectly supported my work at the Pfeiffer Center, through their financial support of both Gunther Hauk and the Center. Upon relocating to the East End, I approached the Marders about putting bees at their nursery, where the bees have lived and thrived ever since.